The perfect room for a perfect sleep

Sleep is a big issue for most people and when walking into someone's bedroom, these are the top things I notice that need to be changed !

In an interview with the german TV Channel "Sat.1 Frühstücksfernseher" I shared these insights:

1) Set an alarm to go to bed! But, place the alarm-clock inside or next to your bedroom. This way you have to physically get up from the couch to turn it off. The chances of deciding to stay and sleep are much higher!

2) Open the windows to let your eyes look far and your lungs fill with fresh air. We are so used to looking closely at things like our smartphones, computers and books that our eyes suffer with the lack of exercise. After that, blow the moon a kiss goodnight.

2) Your room needs to be dark. So check the windows, especially during the summer months. The windows are like our eyes and the curtains & shades are like our eye-lids. If they don't shut properly, sleeping can become difficult.

3) Alexa & Smartphones need to sleep outside the room! This is the most difficult thing to change, but the most effective! Just recharge them in the bathroom, hallway or kitchen. It is even an excellent idea to have your wake-up call coming from outside your room so you really get up in the morning and stop hitting the snooze button!

4) Dirty clothes need to leave the room! The dirt and the worries of your day stick to your clothes and pile up in the hamper. The smell might also slightly affect the quality of your sleep. Remember, during sleep your body cleans and repairs itself. You don't want dirty and stinky clothes interfering...

5) Enter your bed with a "tchibum!". This is the sound our body makes when we let it fall into a nice pool. Sleeping has to do with letting go. So instead of crawling into bed, let yourself fall with joy into it and feel how it is to let go!

6) Under your bed is not a storage place. Sleeping on top of old, forgotten and dusty things subconsciously affects the quality of your sleep. Ancient beliefs say that this place is related to your past and ancestors. If you need to keep something there because you lack other space, please keep things related to your bed that you often use (like bed sheets, blankets, etc.)

7) Animals need their own bed, preferably in front of your bedroom. Sleeping with animals is such a big discussion topic but with their sounds and smells they can disrupt your healthy sleep. Unless you are in urgent need of emotional comfort, allow them to have their own space to sleep.

8) Avoid tall plants. They symbolise growth upwards and bring to much energy into a room that needs to help you slow down. If you want plants, then go with small ones and check that they don't have a strong smell!

And if your partner does not have the same rhythm as you, don't try to change him/ her. Just focus on yourself, get a mask, earplugs and go to bed. Your sleep is important for your health!


Katia Steilemann

Preventologist & Expert for healthy living spaces

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