Sleeping problems?

Aktualisiert: 23. Juni 2020

If you also have this love and hate relation with sleep, you might want to have a closer look.

Have a closer look at your emotions, fears, anxieties. If you didn't have them, would you sleep better?

Your answer is most probably yes, right?

So instead of taking pills or worrying more by thinking why you cant sleep, go to the core of the problem. Instead of attempting tricks like listening to podcasts until you faint into sleep, spend one night awake looking at the main cause!

  • Is it too much work? Then make a plan, ask what you can do to reduce it, to make it more efficient etc,

  • Is it too many creative ideas? Then take a pen, write it down, get it all out of your system and go back to sleep

  • Is it an argument or a fight you had? Then decide on how you really feel and if you can do anything about it. Can you do it right away like apologising? If not, write down what you want to say or do as soon as you see the person again.

  • Are you worried about money? Will you be able to solve it over night? If yes, please do so! If not, please get into a mental state of achievement and write down a new or improved strategy to earn more money. Or is it time to reduce your spending instead?

No matter what it is, there is always a solution. If you feel to overwhelmed to do it alone, ask for help! Please don't try to save the world alone.

Greetings, your


Katia Steilemann, balance for mind, body and space

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