Overcoming fear of flying

Aktualisiert: 23. Juni 2020

This client was afraid to fly and carrying a few emotions in her handbag. So I taught her how to reprogram her fear and give it a new meaning. It worked like a miracle.

Some need intensive support to deal with fear, anxiety and emotional baggage, others just need a little push to fly.

We finished with an Emotion Code session.

Read the feedback she left:

"I met Katia for the first time one afternoon before flying to London. We exchanged numbers as I was fascinated by her story and how she could help people. That evening I started feeling uneasy about flying the next day and somehow got texting with Katia. She suggested we should speak on the phone. I called her at around 10pm and what followed after that was amazing. She asked me certain questions and in the course of maybe 20 minutes she managed to change my whole mindset, not only about flying but also about how to get rid of negative emotions and thoughts which were a regular occurrence at that point in my life. We met once more and had an Emotional Code session to release unwanted feelings and emotions. Katia was very professional and patient. She really took the time to analyse and explain everything to me. Katia's approach is very different from a usual coach and it most definitely works. Thank you so much for everything Katia!"


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