Love is in the air, but where is mine?

Aktualisiert: 15. Feb 2019

Finding the person you want to get real with, can be as quick as a "hello" or as hard as spending all your life looking for.

Then there are the wise friends and family members saying: you just need to relax and you will find someone to love. Well... yeah... but how to relax? How do I really stop looking when in reality all I can think of is how lonely I am and if that person I ran into in the store is the love of my life?

It is almost as sure as the sun coming up in the morning that self-love is where anyone can start with.

Step #1) Breath in the air! Yep, air is life and start realising how amazing it is to just be alive

Step #2) Before looking for love out there, have a good and honest look at you. Do you really love yourself completely the way you are now? If the answer is yes but I would like to look a few kg, then the answer is actually: no. The slightest thought of disapprovement of yourself is an indication you might want to invest some time with this topic

Step #3) If you are totally and truly in love with yourself.... you don't need step 3! You will love spending time with yourself, you will glow such a confidence and joy that other people will automatically be drawn to you and look for contact. Unless of course, you forgot to leave your house :-D

Invest in yourself! Ask for professional help to get to self-love quicker.

Studio Elyts, balance for mind, body and space.

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