I don't say what I want

When you find yourself holding back with what you really want, you might want to start looking at this. The less you know about what YOU want and the less you feel free to express it, the further away you drift from your core.

Step #1) Be honest, do you know what you want or is it only a copy of what someone close to you wants? Or is it something that will please others even if it does not please you?

Step #2) If you know what you want but feel scared to express it, you first need to identify why. Yes its always related to fear! Are you afraid of an argument? Are you afraid of not fitting in? Are you afraid of loosing your job? Are you afraid to be mentally or physically abused? What are you really afraid of?

Step #3) Once you identified your source of fear, ask yourself: what can I do, or what do I need to know to start taking away the power of this fear? Read my blog here about getting rid of fear.

Step #4) SAY IT! just say it and see what happens. Keep adjusting the way you say it until you feel like you are being heard.

You are not alone in this and many times you need support to find the real reason and courage. This is part of the path to your core. Invest in yourself and get help to make it easier.

Studio Elyts, balance for mind, body and space.

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