I am afraid of retirement

Spent all your life working hard and now retirement is close. Scary right?

It might seem like life doesn't have an honorable purpose anymore, you loose your identity and are scared to feel bored as hell at home.

It is absolutely normal to feel scared or even deny that it's time to start a new chapter in life. Here is one key information I would like to share today:

Think about what you are associating retirement with, what are your core beliefs about it?

Do you believe retired people are old?

Do you believe being retired means you are not useful anymore?

Or maybe you believe that nothing will ever give you more joy than going to that work every day?

Your actions and emotions today are determined by whatever you are currently believing.

Want to go into this next phase of life with easy and joy? Then invest in yourself and get guidance.

Studio Elyts, balance for mind, body and space

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