How to get rid of fear

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Fear is always lived in the future. Your mind takes a trip to all possible scenarios and probably hops off the bus on the worst! There it starts observing all details of that terrible situation and your body starts feeling its pain.

Step #1) snap out of the movie in your head by coming into the now. Slap your face if needed! Look around and reassure yourself that right now you are all right.

Step #2) Take the power out of the fear by asking yourself: "What can I do now to avoid living that scenario in the future?"

Step #3) Write down all the actions. Make sure they are simple and easy in the beginning, otherwise you will feel overwhelmed and freeze, with the consequence that you will go right back into feeling the fear.

If this all sound easier said than done, invest in yourself and get professional help. Sometimes all you need are 3 to 4 coaching sessions.

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