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Aktualisiert: 15. Feb 2019

You are single and looking for love.

So go have a look at your home. Do you see a lonely chair in the corner? Or maybe you only see pictures of yourself or trips you did alone? Could it be that decoration objects are also single? Like one vase, one flowerpot, one statue of something, etc? Is there only one pillow on your bed because you sleep alone?

Your home never lies about your subconscious! Start noticing if your home is not expecting company?

When you want to attract love you need to invite it into your life. This means making space for a couple, for a visitor.

  • Get that lonely chair in the corner and put it back at the table or place it together with another one.

  • Display a picture or an artwork representing love and romance.

  • Pair some of the decor objects at home.

  • Get that other pillow on your bed even if nobody is sleeping there... yet!

These are only a few tips! I have many more up my sleeve. :-D

Invest in yourself, get professional help.

Studio Elyts, balance for mind, body and space

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