Food against Anxiety

Feeling nervous and anxious? Omega 3 might be exactly what you body needs.

It is a proven fact that our generations lack good omega-3 fatty acids simply because of your poor eating habits and the quality of fish and nuts we get. Lot's of studies confirm the benefits of it against depression, sadness and anxiety. My clients with emotional challenges always get the Omega homework.

The DHA in the Omega-3 is super important for your nervous system, brain and sight.

While the EPA helps your cardiovascular health.

Most of the Omega-3 capsules you get in the market have a higher percentage of EPA then DHA. What most people don't know is that DHA is able to convert into EPA but not the other way around, meaning that taking a supplement with a higher DHA content is way smarter!

See how the DHA value is higher on this Fact Sheet? Look for this!

Always talk to your doctor before taking anything. Also ask for a blood test to check your vitamin and nutrient levels. Own your health! Inform yourself!

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