PMR - a tool for self-relaxation

PMR stands for "Progressive Muscle Relaxation". I first came across this in a yoga class and immediately started my research. What does Dr. Google know about it? What does my preventology study say about it?

This technique apparently is very effective for when people are very tense, anxious, fearful or feeling pain.

How does it work?

You need to focus on a set of muscles and tense them as much as you can, hold it for a few seconds and then completely relax, let go.

You go through your entire body, area by area and repeat this exercise.

This will increase your awareness of body, will help you identify quicker where a problem has nested and promote deep muscle relaxation.

This is so freaking easy and effective you need to give it a try!

It has been developed by the Doctor and physiologist E. Jacobson and published in 1929. Since then many studies have confirmed it is efficacy.

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