How to increase your coffee's effect!

If you want your coffee to help you wake-up, stay awake or even give you more energy you need to stop drinking it every day!

Good news is that caffein can be fully absorbed by the body without depending on any other vitamin, mineral, enzyme, etc.

Fake news is that coffee steels water from our body.

Important news is that 95% of the work needs to be done by your liver and it takes 24 hours to fully digest it. So if your liver is already very busy with other things you digest, you might reconsider adding the extra work...

Bad news is that the coffee-effect only works during 2-3 days. After that your body has gotten used to it and needs more to get a new high.

Strategy: every 2-3 days, stop drinking the coffee for 2-3 days. This way you avoid having to increase the amount you drink, therefore taking a huge load off your liver. And by taking the load of your liver, you give it time and energy to do all the other heavy work its needs to do to keep you healthy.

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