Quick-fixes for your health are damaging

People spent a year eating poorly, not exercising, complaining about everything and when a problem comes up, they are suprised and expect it to be solved asap.

Let's say you start feeling sick, nose is running and you have a fever. What do you do?

You start looking for the problem. Is it a flu? Is it a virus? Did I get it from a family member that so disrespectfully showed up at the birthday party with a runny nose?

You start looking for medicine in your cabinet that can stop the nose from running and lower your fever. All of these actions are focused on finding the problem, the disease, and not the source.

The change we need to see in relation to health is the focus. We need to focus on how to obtain and sustain health without looking for a quick-fix. If we get the simple example above, we could instead:

  • Think about what nutrients we can take in our meals that will help our immune system fight the symptoms

  • Not rush to medicines yet give the body time and rest to heal from within because what you see are just symptoms and not the cause!

  • Stop fearing the symptoms and understand how important it is for the body to clean itself during seasonal changes and to be exposed to viruses to keep the anti-body functions strong

  • Start believing you can heal yourself instead of looking like shit and telling everyone around you how miserable you feel (remember that the things you tell yourself often you start believing in your core)

  • Stop wanting quick relieve. This is the main reason people rush to meds or clinics (which by they way are overwhelmed with work).

  • keep a good hygiene to also make sure you don't infect others

  • etc...

Health is not the absence of disease, yet it is the presence of physical, emotional and social wellbeing. BIG DIFFERENCE!!

So what are you doing now to stay as healthy as possible during the next season?

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