100% Self-employed

I am now 100% focused on my clients with Elyts! Whoohoooo and Oh-ooh....!

Exciting and scary at the same time but definitely a decision that came from my core!

Here is my goodbye letter to the company that taught me so much over the past 21 years:

"After 21 years with Bayer, its time to say goodbye...

I will not miss the complexity nor rigid structures of this organization or industry but will 100% miss interacting with all my colleagues. What a great ride it has been…

  • As a teenager, after joining Bayer right after school, this company gave me a great identity, who’s logo and name I would wear proudly and have a feeling I am someone in life.

  • With time, this company opened all doors to the world and I could finally learn where my strength are, what I love and what I admire the most. Even my personal life was immensely affected as I met my husband there, and when one of my kids was born on the 150th anniversary celebration day of Bayer, I was scarred she would pop out with a Bayer logo on her but!

  • A few years ago, when I took a 5 year break to venture out as an entrepreneur in Asia, I learned who I am without depending on a strong brand called Bayer, because suddenly people did not immediately understand who I worked for nor what my ranking in society was based on a job title. Suddenly I was given the chance to look at ego and say: who are you and why are you here?

  • Two years ago, after rejoining the organization in Germany, Bayer gave me a new lesson, and that was the realization that it is possible to re-enter the corporate world after a long break, that there is something awesome about getting older and that the experience of doing something completely different in-between is of great importance if you want to help break patterns and change what is.

So now that I know my priorities (family and kids), my passion in life (create) and work (help others), I want to continue my journey with the company I founded back in 2011 in Hong Kong - ELYTS. There I help people #FeelGood and #Expand, by helping them find the path to their core through a very unique combination: on a neurological level I work with their mind and thoughts; on a biological level I work with their body and health and on a spacial level, I work with their homes and offices.

My next goals are becoming a certified preventologist in Germany, acquiring new clients and building a corporate program called “core management”.

So stay tuned if you like J Here is my website and also my contact details in there for the future: www.studioelyts.com

That is it… who knows what the future holds…. I’ll see you when I see you…

In the meantime, stay creative, have true compassion for others and fight for Bayer.

Lots of love to all of you.

With gratitude,

Katia Steilemann"

#Bayer #goodbye #Elyts

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