Exciting News!

Dear all,

As most of you heard, I have relocated to Germany beginning of the year. Everything is new again, everything is different. A few months ago, at the edge of the unknown, I wrote a note and kept it on my desk. It said: “I am grateful for being able to work with what I love, have the flexibility to organise my day and have time with my kids.”

I left it there and things started to fall into place. I met the right people at the right time, I asked the right questions at the right time, I got inspired at the craziest times, I increased the pressure at the right time, I let go at the right time and allowed the universe to orchestrate... letting go of my ego-based notion of instant results and allowing things to unfold in divine timing. “Nature does not hurry, yet gets everything accomplished."

Easy? no… worth it? YES!

Today I can finally announce that everything fell into place and I can reconfirm my gratitude. Bayer, the company I love, has offered me a fun job which I can work for part-time. On top, the wish to continue with my coaching activities related to Elyts was granted. So yes, I CAN work with things I love and still have the flexibility and time for my family.

So I adjusted the sails and made a few updates that go hand-in-hand with my current lifestyle:

my new website is: studioelyts.com

my new email: info@studioelyts.com

(the old email will still work until end of the year)

For details regarding my job at Bayer, please check LinkedIn.

A BIG thank you to my clients who waited patiently for a sign of life :-)

Help me spread the word and I hope to talk to you soon again.

Have a great day!


Katia Steilemann

3D coach

Mobile: +49 172 8282716

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