Time just flew by in the past 12 month which were filled with amazing projects in between giving birth to my baby girl.

This client asked for Feng Shui advice before finishing their home construction in Brazil. Combining their lifestyle and preferences I tailored their Feng Shui recommendation, which by the way I do for all my clients as I believe each case and each individual is unique.

Here is what they had to say:

"My husband did not know what to expect from a Feng Shui analysis and was skeptical at first. As Katia began to talk about her findings and potential effects on our health, financial and family life we both were puzzled and amazed. There was no doubt that this is what we had to do before taking final decisions on decoration and Interior Design for our new home."

If you are also interested in having a Feng Shui analysis for your home or office, please contact me

I do projects all over the world and also have experience working remotely.

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