"We don’t know what we can be until we know what we can do"

This case was very special as this German lady came looking for help related to her career. She found herself at a crossroad because her past career did not really fulfil her. The problem was, she did not know what she wanted to do neither did she know what she was good in. She had troubles imagining how a passionate work could also be combined with a healthy pay check at the end of the day. By offering the 3-dimentional approach – Body, Mind and Space – I take a holistic view on each client and tailor solutions for what they need.

So I took her on a journey… First we worked on her self-esteem with Image Consulting. After that we agreed on a few coaching sessions as I had a plan on how to find her element of passion that would ultimately change her life. I freed her from pre-conceptions and we started from scratch. “Forget about what you know until now, forget about your experiences. Let’s pretend they don’t exist and let’s enter a world where EVERYTHING is possible.” Crazy brainstorming sessions took place and with the right questions I explored every corner of her brain and heart. It took us just 4 sessions to find IT – the business she dreamed of ! Two more mentoring sessions about branding, business basics and she was ready to fly on her own. Can’t wait to see how it evolves! And once she is ready, I would love to do her shop’s Interior Design – closing the circle on what Elyts is all about: You, your image and the world that surrounds you.

Here are a few details about this business case:

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